Sludge dewatering systems

Polat decanter

Декантер POLATDecanters are the units, which operates horizontally and provides the separation of the liquid and solid products inside it, through rotating around its own axle at a certain rotation speed, in order to create the proper G Force (centrifugal force).

The G Forces to be created are known according to the product diversity. Decanter consists of a main engine, which drives the outer body, and a secondary engine, which provides rotation to the internal spiral, and a gearbox, which provides the rotation difference between the body and conveyor and a main chassis, which holds all of these units stably together at a minimum vibration value. .

Screw type sludge thickener

Screw thickener designed to thicken the dilute precipitation generated in the wastewater treatment process (economic-household, industrial, agricultural, etc.). It is used for sludge treatment before being fed to a belt press and digester. Installing the pellet moisture condenses 99-97 /% to a moisture content 94-92%

BM-101, BM-201, BM-202, BM-301, BM-302, BM-303

Filter press

Belt Filter - press - this equipment is designed for thickening and mechanical dewatering of domestic, municipal and industrial sewage.

There are two types of filter press:

  1. Rotary Drum Thickening/Dehydrating Belt Filter press
  2. Gravity Belt Thickening/Dehydrating Belt Filter press 
Ленточный фильтр – пресс

Volute Dehydrator Amcom


Volute Dehydrator Amcom