Rotary blowers

German rotary blower Becker models DT / KDT / DTLF designed for production of low pressure. Their use is possible only with normal atmospheric air. Blowers are not used for toxic and flammable substances.
Technical specifications are saved up to the height of 800 m above sea level. Simple design with one shaft and direct drive allows to reach strength and life duration of the device with minimal maintenance and operation cost.
All parts of the machine do not require oil. The seal of the working chambers is achieved by rotating blades made of special eco - materials with a high degree of tightness and wear resistance.

DT 4.4, DT 4.6/0-61, DT 4.8

DT 4.10, DT 4.16, DT 4.25K, DT 4.40

KDT 3.60
KDT 3.80
KDT 3.100
KDT 3.140

DTLF 200, DTLF 250, DTLF 360, DTLF 400, DTLF 50