About a company

More than 20 years Scientific and Engineering Center "Potential-4" LLC devoted to scientific research, design developments and deployment of new technologies for treatment of different categories of waste water.

Application of innovative technologies and integrated approach to engineering design, high level of professionalism and many years of experience, all these factors help us to provide implementation of technically feasible, economically reasonable and rational solutions for each individual object.

Thanks to integrated approach to the implementation of waste water treatment plants, company ensures compliance with environmental protection, safe and efficient operation of the facility during its functioning.

Cooperation and exchange of experience with scientific centers and the world's leading manufacturers of waste water treatment equipment allows us to solve the most complex problems in the field of sewerage and wastewater treatment.

The company performs research, design, installation and commissioning works, that is directed to the implementation of advanced technologies and equipment for waste water treatment, sludge treatment and disposal (waste) from the cleaning process.

"Potential-4" will offer a rational method of cleaning, suitable variant of project design solutions, efficient energy-saving equipment, reliable automatic system for managing and guaranteed results to each customer.

Scientific and Engineering Center "Potential-4" LLC is part of companies group, that are founded in 1976. It is a member of the Corporation UKRBUD  and Ukrainian public association of manufacturers of water treatment equipment and drinking water. 

scientific research award for wastewater treatment Diploma of Science and Engineering Center Potential-4 Industry Leader 2009 Awards Centre Potential-4