Engineering - biological structure CLOSED BIOPLATEAU OF HYDROPONIC TYPE

Application area

Closed Bioplateau of hydroponic type designed for deep cleaning and water disposal pre-treated domestic, industrial and storm water into the flow of groundwater or surface water bodies.

Quality requirements of water, delivered at the structure

At closed bioplateau of hydroponic type should deliver water with content of suspended solids ≤40 mg/l. Concentrations of contaminants in the waters entering the bioplato shall not exceed:

  • BOD 5 - 75 - 85%;
  • COD - 60 -65%.
  • Ammonium ions - 25 mg / l;
  • Nitrites - 2.5 mg / l;
  • Nitrate - 50 mg / l;
  • Phosphate - 7 mg / l;
  • Mineralization - 2.5 mg / l.

Description of structure and technology

Bioplateau productivity depends on the quality of the pre-treated water, and their volume. Bioplateau load fluctuates from 1 to 4 m3 of treated water for 1 m2 per day.

All piping systems (distribution and precast) are manufactured from of polyvinylchloride or polyethylene pipes.

Loading drainage layer bioplateau consists of inert material (for example, washed gravel) aggregate size of 40-70 mm, where the biological product is introduced with immobilized on the inert support (for ex., peat) microorganism-destructors of mineral oil, fats, oils and other organic substances (synthetic surfactants, pesticides, herbicides, and others. ). The biological product (for ex.,  "Ekonadin", "Trofoyl") improves the sorption and destruction of organic substances, improves the sanitary indicators of water quality; poured directly into the drainage layer in the landing area of high aquatic plants, which foster  of their growth.

Over the distribution system drain, covered with gravel, installed heating insulation 40 mm of thickness, which does not prevent the germination of higher aquatic plants. Insulation covered with a layer of gravel, which does not prevent the germination of higher water plants.

Transplanting of higher water plants implemented in the drainage layer of gravel on the level and along upper drain. For planting using common reed, bulrush, narrow-leaved cattail, calamus root and others.

At closed bioplateau of hydroponic type, water treated to such indices (depending on the initial concentration in the water):

Indicators Unit of measurement Concentrations in wastewater and treated water
contaminated treated contaminated treated
BOD 5 2/ 60 15 30 3
COD 2/ 120 60 80 30
Ammonium ions / 25 2,5 5,0 0,5
Nitrites / 2,5 0,1 1,5 0,01
Nitrate / 50 25 15 7,5
Phosphate / 7,0 3,5 5,0 2,5
Mineralization / 2,5 2,0 1,5 1,0

Treated water is discharged into surface waters or groundwater flow, depending on the locations of constructions and filtration characteristic of the underlying soil.