Modular wastewater treatment plant "Bravo" with membrane

Application area

Modular wastewater treatment plant "Bravo" can be used for cleaning and disinfection of domestic wastewater and process solutions.


Capacity of Modular wastewater treatment plant "Bravo" is: 10–20, 40–80, 100–200 m3 / day

Modular wastewater treatment plant "Bravo"  consists of the following block modules:

  • I stage bioreactor
  • II stage bioreactor
  • secondary clarifier
  • I stage bioreactor
  • II stage bioreactor
  • decontamination unit
  • aerobic sludge stabilizer

Depending on the source water quality, some blocks can be excluded.

Description of technology

Waste water flows in preaerator - bio coagulator, where saturation of air and flocculants dosing are going on. Further wastewater coming into I stage bioreactor and II stage bioreactor, where the biological purification process occur with the help of free-floating  microbial flora. After bioreactor wastewater stage II gravity comes into the secondary settling tank, where phase separation occurs. After II stage bioreactor wastewater flows by gravity into the sludge block, where phase separation process going on.

In the bio filters I and II stages occurs destruction and absorption of proteins, fats, carbohydrate, surfactant (surfactant), ammonia and ammonia compounds by bacteria, sea ore which are in free-flowing condition (bioreactors I and II stage, secondary clarifier) and immobilized condition ( I and II stage bio filters). Significant amount of contaminate is deposited as a result of product flocculation of microbial metabolism.

Activated return sludge from secondary drainage supplied with the help of air-lift into I stage bioreactors for improving wastewater treatment process, excess - into aerobic sludge stabilizer.

Bio filters I and II stages are periodically washed for removing of excess biofilm. From stage II bio filter, waste water fed into the decontamination unit.

Treatment efficiency at Modular wastewater treatment plant "Bravo":

  • Suspended matters - 98 %
  • BOD 5 - 97 %
  • COD - 95 %
  • Ammonium ions - 48 %
  • Phosphate - 65%